Oils & Ghee

Oils and Ghee

SaRiGaMa Super Market offers 100% Pure Oil & Ghee

SaRiGaMa Super Market offers 100% Pure Oil, Cow Ghee, Buffalo Ghee, White Butter, Raw Little Bee Honey, Organic Wild Honey and Cold Pressed oil (Unrefined Oil).

We have pressed Gingerly Oil / Sesame Oil / Safflower Oil, Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor Oil etc., First of all, Our Pure Desi Ghee is prepared using traditional method and our cows are grass fed cows. Also we do not use any chemicals or preservatives in any of our products.

Cold pressed organic oils and Pure Cow Ghee – organic, natural & healthy. Cold pressed coconut, mustard, groundnut oils. We are SaRiGaMa Super Market about offering you delicious food and finding your inner Yogi by eating right.