Quality Meat Guaranteed

  • Halal, non Halal, non-GM, and 100% hormonal free meat
  • Dedicated meat deliveries sourced from specialist local butchers
  • Top selection of choice cuts, expertly prepared
  • Eco-insulation keeps your meat fresh long after delivery
  • Strict health, hygiene, and safety standards

Discover the delicious and healthy meat of our lambs/goat reared on pasture all year round. Ideal fat percentage ensures an excellent taste and that the meat remains juicy while roasting or cooking. While short and fine muscle fibers make it crunchy and tender.

Whether you’re enjoying a whole chicken or the healthy packaged breasts, drumsticks, and quarters, you’ll be amazed at how affordable, flavorful and nutritious Premier Meat Bazaar chickens are. Consider all the good your taste buds have done for you- it’s time you reward it with our range of one-of-a-kind seafood

Our highly trained butcher personally takes care of the processing of your meat orders. Thus, as a customer, you know exactly that what you’re buying is certified and do not have to worry.